Galen and Linda Answer Incontinence Questions

In this video, the Birds answer common male urinary incontinence questions. If you're incontinent and thinking about getting an artificial urinary sphincter, this video is a wealth of information!

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Linda's ED and Incontinence Story

What is often missed in discussions about ED and male incontinence is the impact it has on partners. In this touching follow up to Galen's story, Linda shares what it was like from a wife's perspective. It really has an affect on the entire family.

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Galen's ED and Incontinence Story

Galen and Linda Bird travel the country sharing their story to help men learn about solutions to ED and incontinence. In their first post, Galen and Linda talked a little about insurance and intimacy. Now Galen shares what led him to seek out surgery to solve his ED and incontinence and how it changed his life. It's a great little story and I don't mind telling you I got a little choked up watching it. If your story

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What to expect on days 4 thru 7 after penile implant surgery

Continuing with Dennis' inflatable penile implant story, here’s the next four days. The theme during these four days is swelling, support, and sensitive. Dennis had lots of swelling in his scrotal area and it was quite sensitive. Ice packs and support helped. So did the anti-inflammatory medication. But I’ll let him explain.

Saturday Nov 20th (day 4): showered again. Having continued bowel and urinary difficulties in the AM but by afternoon everything broke loose, whew! Still

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Top four terms for incontinence

Leaky faucet

Continuing our theme from yesterday, today I’ll provide a couple of
definitions for male incontinence and then the top four terms I hear
that used interchangeably with male incontinence. First the technical

Male incontinence is usually caused by a damage sphincter. When damaged, often the unavoidable result of prostate cancer surgery, the muscle cannot close the urethra, which causes urine to leak.

This is a great description but there is another one I like that Dr. Kuan

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